Graphic Organizer Board
Four of the most popular and versatile graphic organizers on one whiteboard

These boards should be a basic tool in every classroom, every grade and every curriculum. This two-sided board offers four of the most helpful graphic organizers (two per side). Graphic organizers help students at every level in problem solving, setting goals, decision making, classifying ideas and brainstorming.  These pre-printed organizers save your students time by keeping them from having to draw the basic patterns every time. Plus, they can easily erase and adapt their answers as they progress through their train-of-thought processes. This allows the student to commit the information to memory, while saving tons of paper.




Classroom Unit includes:

30 two-sided dry erase boards, 90 cone tip markers (30 black, 30 purple, 15 green and 15 blue)

30 student erasers

Housed in sturdy
storage center

GB-U30 Graohic Organizer  Unit $199.00 per unit          
plus shipping

Teacher Kit  includes:

12 two-sided dry erase boards, 36 cone tip markers (12 black, 12 purple, 6 green and 6 blue)

12 student erasers

GB-K12 Graphic Organizer  Kit $85.00 per kit                  plus shipping